About Project
Project Concepts, Objectives and Goals
The government has a policy to expand the metro network to cover the Bangkok metropolitan area to spread the fast alternative route and transport mass passenger. The goal is to reduce traffic congestion from the limited roads surface by reduce the use of cars and help save budget on oil import and reserves which impacted by the rising oil prices in world market.
The master plan of the mass transit system in the metropolitan area. The Taling Chan - Min Buri MRT Orange Line is scheduled to be the main mass transit system linking the east and west Bangkok. This is a combination of two MRT routes, including the MRT Orange Line “Bang Kapi – Samsen” from MRTA, and the entire route of the MRT Brown Line of the office of Policy and Planning Transport and Traffic (OTP)
MRT Orange Line (east) Project have already been designed, procured and in the process of construction and expected to complete and open for public in year B.E. 2566. The MRT Orange Line (west) is under consideration to procure and proceed with the construction contract.